Sai # 22

Sai # 22

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The Sunday Session Welcomes Sai!

Today we are in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

It’s 37 degrees! We jump on motorbikes and ride north of the old city and into the forest. I’m with Sai and her boyfriend Stefan. I met them both a few days previously at their restaurant, named the Lost Lounge in the old city where they both work. Sai owns it and cooks the food, Stefan whizzes the juices and serves. Sai’s spiritual paintings decorate the interior.


After thirty minutes of riding we reach an old meditation meeting place, which some years ago saw a gathering of 108 Buddhist Monks. We are greeted by a young family who present us with fresh coconuts to drink. As we walk through the retreat a wild dog familiar to Sai guides the way. I think this dog is one of the happiest I have ever seen, with bright eyes and a healthy coat. It’s dry, as the hottest season is approaching, we reach a beautiful wooden hut on stilts, we start to talk…

Sia is originally from Surin Province in central Thailand, and left school at fourteen because she didn’t like being told what to do anymore. She regards herself as the black sheep of the family and sought expression in the big city of Bangkok at seventeen where she sang in pop and rock and groups and did some modelling for fashion magazines. The band Kiss were inspiring to her. Over the next ten years in Bangkok Sai started to paint frequently, realising her passion which is now coming to fruition.


Individuals approach Sai in order to see their own energy visualised in a painting. If Sai can’t feel anything from that person, she may tell them to come back some months later advising the person to do something positive in order for their energy to be lit up. On a practical level Sai suggests doing something good to improve yourself like altering your diet. As we discuss this more Sai describes her process as healing. If you were feeling down Sai would paint an image to help you worship your energy, ultimately aiding your personal healing.