Neil Libbert # 8

Neil Libbert # 8

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The Sunday Session welcomes Neil Libbert!





“It’s raining, Robert”! Says Neil as he calls me from South Kensington Tube.

The rain is really torrential. It’s forty-five minutes before our session, but I have to rely on the weather forecast… it says sunshine at midday. I’m at my studio collecting my camera and tell Neil that I think it will brighten up. Like a moment from Back to the Future, at 12 midday the rain stops, and from nowhere we have glorious blue sky. Neil calls me back with an excited “you were right”. Phew!


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We meet at The Photographers Gallery, just off Oxford St. Photographer Neil Libbert has captured much of popular culture on film in the last 50 years.  I knew I had to be on form. We leave the gallery and start shooting. Usually I allow an hour or 2 to complete my session but Neil suggests that 30 minutes will be enough, so I get on it!





In 1958 Neil secured a staff photographer post with The Manchester Guardian, in 1961 the newspaper moved to London and became the Guardian. Now in London Neil worked on many assignments until in 1965 The Sunday Times became his new employer, followed by The New York Times and the Illustrated London News. Neil now regularly covers theatre and Opera for the Observer.