Juan Fernandez Ochoa # 5

Juan Fernandez Ochoa # 5

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The Sunday Session welcomes Juan Fernandez Ochoa!

It’s a warm September Sunday, I’m with Juan Fernandez Ochoa for the Sunday Session. Juan is turned out smart in a well cut suit. We take a walk from where we both live; in Stamford Hill towards Dalston (which people now consider quite central). We get talking about the choices one makes when moving to a big city: what’s to be gained; what’s to be lost. Juan is from Venezuela, I’m from Derby 🙂

Of course I can’t compare with the journey Juan has made to start a life in the UK  but London is a ‘melting pot’, which draws all walks of life to its ever-changing mixture.



Juan Fernandez was born in Venezuela to a Spanish father and a Venezuelan mother. He moved to France to study Political Science, then to London for an MSc in European Studies. He now works as Policy Officer at the Beckley Foundation: a drug policy/science think-tank.




Walking by a graveyard, Juan tells me he has noticed, “how atypical places are allowed to be a part of the city’s beauty in London. In Venezuela, tradition and soaring murder rates have made cemeteries all too grim”.