Flore Marloes de Vreeze # 17

Flore Marloes de Vreeze # 17


The Sunday Session welcomes Flore Marloes de Vreeze !



I meet Flore at her place in West Amsterdam, its absolutely throwing it down outside, I feel a little hurricane inside my hood. I’m going for two sessions today so 10 a.m. is feeling quite early. It’s so rainy that I feel the rain going sideways.


I’m welcomed into Flore’s home and feel myself going back in time, her home is dotted with so much detail. Wallpaper, glasses, tables and a lovely old record player from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Nothing modern here! I’m presented with a tea, meaning hot water plus a choice of teabags, as the habit is in the rest of Europe.


Flore is originally from Zwolle in the eastern part of the Netherlands, a quiet place. Back when Flore was growing up, the town was fairly uneventful. The council disallowed Sunday openings because they promoted a family ideal of spending time together. I laugh as Flore describes the town’s exasperation with Sunday closing. When I ask how she feels about Sunday openings, she says she likes to keep her Sunday as a day of rest, not because she is religious but because she enjoys her spare time.


Flore works in a vintage clothing store in Waterlooplein in the week, saving for trips to see music concerts and art shows. She is inspired by Fong Leng, a fashion designer. She shows me around her flat and pulls out a drawer revealing a shockingly huge selection of sunglasses. 


 Flore SS_103_ask

We leave her flat and into the rain once more, huge puddles have formed along the road near to Lelylaan train station. We go for a photo while trying not to get wet. Afterwards we ride towards the centre, going through Rembrantpark towards Vondelpark. Flore is a big fan of green spaces. I would say that Vondelpark is a little world comparable to Victoria Park in London: it’s seemingly endless with little treats including an original Picasso sculpture and a brilliant mysterious cafe. 


Flore SS_324

It really is boggy on the grass, but the runners are still out. I mention to Flore how nice it is to see people running and that I too enjoy it. Flore looks at the runners differently – when she sees them, she sees their branded running apparel and she really isn’t a fan of those clothes. She prefers to enjoy the creativity and individuality of the way Amsterdamers present themselves.


Flore SS_353_ASK

After a coffee in De Blauwe Theehuis, we say ours goodbyes. I’m feeling glad we created something alive and colourful, out of a grey,rainy day.

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