Desireé Pérez # 12

Desireé Pérez # 12

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The Sunday Session welcomes Desireé Pérez!

The journey from Dalston to Camden was a mess, with three changes of transport. I finally arrive for the session, frustrated. I call Desi. There is chaos in the crowd around Camden tube, she tells me that I should be able to see her now, although I swear that I can’t. I scan the crowd. Then I find myself hearing our conversation twice, looking to my left, I see her standing next to me.




We move through the pulsating crowds towards Chalk Farm, hearing a plethora of sounds, accents and languages. Desi tells me that she arrived only a few months ago, Camden has become one of her favourite places to spend free time with it’s energy and diversity.  We arrive at an organic café for a break from the crowd. Adapting to London life can be a shock, she starts to tell me how her experience in another country is going. The most difficult part: the language, but after a while this challenge has paid off, giving her the chance of meeting new people from different backgrounds.




We move outside to begin the shoot, it’s raining now. Desi is smiling, enjoying the vibrancy of Camden. I can see that she is very excited to be in the city, exploring different places and collecting new experiences. Through Desi I too am able to see London with fresh eyes.