Alice Stallard # 10

Alice Stallard # 10

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The Sunday Session welcomes Alice Stallard!

Alice is an artist illustrator based in London. She exhibits locally and internationally. Recently she has had several works included in the Source Gallery at Tate Britain.




We meet on a bright but chilly winter’s day in a pub by Battersea Bridge. Alice is wearing a fantastic jacket covered with a collection of her patches. We walk westbound along the Thames, I almost slip into the river as I try to get a footing on the slimy, moss covered steps. I ask her about the patches on her jacket, presuming that they relate to music movements like Northern Soul. She tells me that they have an older and wider context. A favourite of hers is the black panther which she believes is a variation on the Black Panther Division patch. Others are from around the world or gifts from friends.




As we chat whilst I snap pictures I realize that Alice, whilst engaged in the present has inherited a lot from the past, which she embraces and expresses in her vibrant art work. As we near the end of our session we happen upon a small mooring. The light is failing and becoming super blue and soft. Alice tells me that she likes being able to walk along the shoreline Of the Thames, it’s a link between urban life and nature.




See Alice’s work here.


Thanks for reading, more sessions coming soon.